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The Gospel According to Mum podcast hosted by Tanya Reason is a conversation that reflects on the transformational work done in us by Jesus Christ as we live out motherhood and discipleship with Him. The show shares the real-life stories of everyday Christian women as the Gospel is worked out through their experience as mothers.

It's a conversation that's relatable, non-judgmental and encouraging; a place where you can find strength and hope during a time of life when you are stretched physically, mentally and spiritually to the limit and beyond.

These are the stories of the goodness, faithfulness and enduring love of God.



You have a unique story to share that could help another mother hold on to hope, and strengthen another disciple of Christ.


We all need women like you and the mighty women of God you know to share their stories and help us all to grow and flourish in Christ: Stories to help us find holiness in the mundane and see with God's eyes the greater purpose of our lives.


Don't ever feel your story is too small. Just remember Who wrote it.

This is a chance for you to share your testimony of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness and to light the way for another disciple to follow Him well.


If you can share a story, contact us through the form below. We'd love to hear from you!

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