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Why We're Talking

Ephesians 4:29

What takes place in a woman during motherhood is less about loss or gain than about a complete transformation. You will feel your faults acutely, you will acquire many new, beautiful and useful characteristics but most difficult to accept is that you will undergo all this by truly (and lovingly) becoming the committed servant of God and your family.

There's so much pressure on mothers to do more, achieve bigger, even try and live two lives simultaneously. Sometimes even at church we feel "challenged” to display our faith in big gestures, to aim for bigger and better in everything we do for God and for others.

But motherhood is humbling, single-minded and slower paced. Because we love God AND we love our family a tension is created, to live with Him and worship Him just as we did before our children were born. It can be overwhelming.

Ordinary, useless, purposeless and mundane are all words I have heard women use to describe the transforming work that Christ does in us when we become mothers. For many of us, this feels like an aggressive and exhausting transition from Child of God to true Servant for Christ within our hearts, minds and bodies.

The Gospel According to Mum podcast exists to encourage all who love Him, that it is enough to glorify Him and praise Him for His loving discipline and grace in whatever ordinary way they can. God is faithful, He loves you and He's good. All the time.

Galatians 5:16, 22 - 23

Romans 15:5 - 7

Matthew 7:1 - 3

Tanya Reason


"If it's one thing I've proved over and over again, it's that God is faithful. He loves us and that love endures forever."

Hi friend,

I'm a mum of two and a Christian in no particular order some days! Although I'm starting to believe this is how it's meant to be.

Before I was a mum and a Christian I was looking for the truth. Now that I've found the truth in Jesus Christ, I'm looking again. This time, for the best way to live out that truth. I'm finding out so much more through the conversations I've had with mothers older and wiser than me.

I love people and I love their stories. I love hearing how God works so carefully and so perfectly in each, individual life. Far from judging, I feel so encouraged to persevere by hearing Christian women talk about their struggles and triumphs in faith. It's truly a privilege.

I hope you will find each unique story as uplifting and enriching as I have. Just keep on the path, believe that God loves you and He will get you where you're meant to be.

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